Monday, 27 July 2015

Sun Setting, Moon Rising

Hello hello!

Long time no speak - hope you're all well?
I'm back from Poland now and have so many things to show and tell you about but for today, I wanted to do a slightly different post than my usual style - focusing more on photography rather than words. 

Sometimes the best things happen spontaneously. They work out so much better than anything you could have planned.

We went to watch the sunset by a gorgeous lake and the lighting was stunning - I couldn't resist snapping away while Agata splashed around in the water. This was the result...

Lake at dusk
Setting sun
Rising moon
Watery sunset
Old farmhouse
Parting view

I really hope you enjoyed the slight change of pace on the blog today. You can find all of these photos in their full resolution on my Flickr by clicking here.

More Poland posts coming soon as so keep a look out for those!
Until then,

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