Thursday, 16 July 2015

I'm going on holiday!

Hello my lovelies,

I wanted to quickly let you all know that my posts will be lacking regularity over the next month or so.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Poland for 8 days with my best friend Aggy-Aggy-Agata which will be so nice! I'm looking forward to meeting all of her family (seriously feels like meeting the boyfriend's parents or something haha) and seeing her country as I don't know much at all about Poland.

And, as always, you can expect some wicked blog posts coming following my little trip.
I intend to have my camera glued to my hand at all times.

After that I'm back in London for a week (but working 11 hour days so busy busy), and then I'm jetting off once again...
This time to Austria where I'll spend a week with all of my family there. It will be 15 years since my entire Austrian family were all together in one place so it's gonna be a pretty special time!
My mum's coming over from NZ (on a one-way ticket, who knows where that'll end up) and spending some time prancing around Europe. Livin' the dreeeeeam, am I right?

I will be attending some awesome blogger events in London over the summer which I am INCREDIBLY excited for. More coming on those closer to the time!

Until we speak again, I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer/winter.

Stay safe and talk soon!

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