Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The London List

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For those of you who can’t read Hiragana (don’t worry, you’re not alone), that says hello.
I’ve had a fair few views from Japan lately, so shout out to you guys – feeling the love!

How IS everybody?! It feels like a lifetime since I posted last - it’s been a busy old time in the life of Ellora.

The other day I was sitting on a couch doing nothing in particular when all of a sudden, all at once, something hit me. I (probably) don’t have that much time left in this glorious city and my lovely Agata only has 35 days left!
This realisation lead us to compile a master “bucket list” of things we absolutely must do before she leaves. May I present to you: THE LIST.

It’s funny because when you live somewhere, you aren’t nearly as motivated to go out and see all the sights and things as if you were just visiting. I was reading through some lists such as “A Londoner’s Bucket List” and I realised how much there still is to do!

Our list is a mixture of some super touristy things we just haven’t gotten around to doing and some totally quirky things that you just can’t say no to. The plan is to document each event with one photo and make a big book at the end of it all, but I will also be covering some of the activities in more detail for you guys! Without further ado, here is what we hope to achieve in the next 35 days while still balancing work, internships and a bit of sleep…



  • Take a photo on the Abbey Road crossing
  • Take a photo with a Palace Guard
  • Take a photo on one of the lions in Trafalgar Square
  • Bike around Richmond Park, see deer
  • Attend a trial at the Old Bailey
  • Take in the view at St. Katherine’s Dock on a sunny day/clear evening
  • Watch the sunrise by the river
  • Go to Harrods
  • Explore the Umbrella street near Borough Market
  • Visit the “Weeping Ship”, Hay’s Galleria
  • Go to The Barbican Conservatory (Sundays)
  • Go on our own Love Actually tour
  • Attend a movie premiere


£0 - £5

  • Go on a Shoreditch street art tour
  • Have a drink outside a classic British pub on a Friday evening
  • Watch a show at The Globe Theatre – we’ve booked £5 standing tickets to Richard II!
  • Climb to the top of Monument
  • Buy flowers from the Columbia Road Flower Market
  • Go to Piāno to listen to some live piano music (make sure to book a table!)

£5 - £15

  • Hire a pedal boat in Hyde Park
  • See a film at an outdoor/rooftop pillow cinema
  • Eat curry on Brick Lane - Cinnamon & Sheba seem to be popular choices
  • Eat at Borough Market (Fridays & Saturdays are best)
  • Have a drink at The Mayor of Scaredycat Town – a secret bar through the SMEG fridge at The Breakfast Club, Shoreditch
  • Ride on the Emirates Air Line
  • Go indoor rock climbing
  • City Dash - a real-world game of speed, stealth and strategy played around London
  • Go to a jam night at Ronnie Scott’s (Wednesdays) – legendary jazz club
  • Go to a class at “Drink, Shop & Do” – they offer hilariously random classes such as building things out of toast, learning the Single Ladies dance or colouring in pictures of Kate Upton

£15 +

  • Go to a musical – the classics we’re still trying to decide out of include The Lion King, Wicked, Mamma Mia!, Billy Elliot & Matilda
  • Press the “press for champagne” button & eat the infamous chocolate dessert at Bob Bob Ricard (definitely need to book a table for this one!)
  • Go to a fun film screening at Prince Charles Cinema - the Dirty Dancing quote-a-long or Rocky Horror sing-a-long are looking like likely options for us
  • Eat breakfast at Duck & Waffle – the highest restaurant in the UK (we’re going this Friday – be sure to book for this one too!)

And there it is.
There will probably be more added to the list as time goes on and we remember things we just can’t leave London without doing, but I think it’s pretty chock-a-block for now.

Also can we just mention how hardly any of this is to do with food or drink?! Madness. 
Agata seems to think it's because we've already done it all - she might be right.

Okay, time to get busy!

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