Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Paris - picture perfect picnic

Eiffel Tower from Champ de Mars in Paris, France

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening - wherever you are in the world!

I can't believe this day has finally come (stop being dramatic Ellora) but this is the final post from our magical getaway to Paris! I must admit it's taken me a little while longer than I hoped, but blogging can be difficult while trying to juggle work, an internship, more blogging, drinking coffee...
You know, all the important stuff.

We flew out of Paris in the evening so lucky for us, we had the whole day to roam the city as we pleased! And roam we did.

First stop: (obviously) coffee...

Cool beaker water bottles at Coutume Café in Paris, France

Coutume Café on Rue de Babylone, in case you're wondering.

Coutume Café in Paris France

We used our new-found energy to do some more serious roaming.

The thing that I found so great about Paris is that once you're in the centre, you can walk just about everywhere. Les Invalides, where we went next, is less than 10 minutes walk from Coutume Café.
Not at all planned, but it worked out perfectly!

Les Invalides in Paris, France
Old canons at Les Invalides in Paris, France
Old canons at Les Invalides in Paris, France
Eiffel Tower from Les Invalides in Paris, France

Lunchtime was approaching rapidly and we were starting to feel a little peckish so we made a beeline for the Eiffel Tower, stopping off for some necessities on the way.

(And spotting gorgeous classic cars & flowering hotels - it's inevitable!)

Gorgeous Austin Healey in Paris, France
Flowering hotel in Paris, France

This might give you a little clue as to what I deem as "necessities"...

(Okay, I know the title of this post totally gave it away but just roll with it.)

Baguettes in a bakery in Paris, France

We also stumbled across the street of our dreams while making our way to Champ de Mars. One day we'll live there, one day...

Avenue Emile Deschanel in Paris, France

Imagine waking up to the glorious sun streaming into your room, opening the curtains and seeing THIS:


Yes please!

We had finally arrived at our destination: soft green grass, hot sun & a pretty awesome view for our picnic.

Eiffel Tower from Champ de Mars in Paris, France
Eiffel Tower from Champ de Mars in Paris, France
Picnic in Champ de Mars in Paris, France
Our beautiful fresh baguette!

I think I can speak for us both here when I say we were really excited about this picnic. 
Like, yeah tomb of Napoleon, world-famous landmarks... Cool, buuuuuut...

Give me wine, a baguette & macaroons and you'll get a very happy Ellora.


As if our day couldn't get any better, we finished it all off with a peaceful nap in the shade under the big trees. Paris, you have my heart (and stomach).

Afternoon nap under the trees in Champ de Mars in Paris, France

I really hope you've enjoyed all of these colour-filled Paris posts! You can see all of them on my Paris page here.
As I've mentioned at the end of every one of these blog posts, you can see all of these photos (plus extras) in high resolution on my Flickr.

I won't be blogging much over the next week or so as one of my favourite people EVER is coming to visit me in the big smoke!! I am very excited. My gorgeous sister, Katarina, lives in Vienna and I've been pestering her to come and visit me in London since I first arrived. Actually, even before that!

I plan on taking her to all of my favourite cafés (our plans literally revolve around where to drink coffee - only the best!) so if she returns to Vienna with a little too much caffeine in her blood.. Don't blame me!

I hope you are all well & enjoying the sunshine (if you're in this half of the world)!

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