Thursday, 21 May 2015

Paris - falafel gods, Sacre Cœur & a picturesque canal

Sacre Cœur, Paris


It feels very disjointed to keep splitting the days in Paris between blog posts but there are just too many photos I want to include!
So without any further ado (does anyone say that anymore..?), here's part 2, day 2 of our lovely weekend getaway to Paris!

It was lunchtime & we were huuuungry so we headed to a famous falafel joint in a hip street of the 3rd district to find it was closed.
It did put a bit of a damper on our day (for all of about 5 seconds), until we turned around and realised there was another one right opposite! Thanks Falafel Gods.

Mi-va-mi falafel, Paris
Falafel pita, Paris

We sat in a very cute little courtyard that we stumbled across to soak up some sunshine and enjoy our huge falafel pitas. Which, by the way, were divine.

Lunchtime, Paris
Cute windows, Paris

Our plan was to slowly stroll towards Canal Saint-Martin without getting too lost in Paris' crazy roundabout-filled streets...

Brilliant doorway, Paris

... Which luckily we managed to achieve quite easily. Check out that gorgeous canal!

Brilliant doorway, Paris
Brilliant doorway, Paris
Brilliant doorway, Paris

Trying to make the most of the day, we headed up into the depths of Montmartre to find a pretty nice wee church waiting for us..

Sacre Cœur, Paris
Sacre Cœur, Paris
View from Sacre Cœur, Paris

Sacre Cœur sits at the top of butte Montmartre, the highest point in Paris. This makes for a pretty special view (as if we hadn't already had a lot of nice views on this trip!).


We somehow managed to time our visit perfectly with some gorgeous, harmonic singing taking place inside. Nothing beats hearing that inside one of the most famous churches in the world.

Sacre Cœur, Paris
Sacre Cœur, Paris
Sacre Cœur, Paris

The last stop on our somewhat hectic day was one that I was VERY excited for... Moulin Rouge!

I am sad to tell you this, but it was actually a bit of a disappointment. It was very tacky and just didn't feel authentic at all. 

I think it's probably prettier at night with all of the lights & things and I'm sure watching a show there would be out of this world. In saying that, I'm not sure about the €120 price tag that goes along with it!

The Moulin Rouge, Paris
The Moulin Rouge, Paris

We ended our day in a very strange way, I must admit. We all had a craving for ice cream so went and bought a sharing pack of Ben & Jerry's (drool), but then found ourselves faced with the problem of having no where to eat it. So, naturally, we sat in the middle of a quiet roundabout!
It was worth every weird stare.

Late-night ice cream in the middle of a roundabout, Paris

And that brings us to the end of day 2! This is flying by, much like our trip did...

I hope you have enjoyed today's peek into our holiday - there's one more on the way from our last (very relaxed) day! Check out all of the photos from this post plus more on Flickr here.

Much love,

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