Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Paris - croissants, coffee & modern art

"La Halte des Taxis Bar" cafe, Paris

Good mooooorning!

I was itching to post more Paris photos all weekend long but have managed to restrain myself...
Until now. So let's jump right in!

We started off our second day in the beautiful capital in true French style: croissants & coffee outside an adorable corner café. While doing my pre-holiday research I read that by law in France, croissants can only be straight if they're made with real butter and not a substitute - so always get the straight ones! I don't know how true this actually is (any Frenchies care to shed some light?), but the ones we got were straight and tasted awesome.

Breakfast at "La Halte des Taxis Bar" cafe, Paris
Croissants, Paris

With our tummies full of coffee & croissants (the best way to be, amiright?!), we hopped on the metro and made our way to Centre Pompidou, a huge gallery/library/museum/interactive space.

The eye-catching feature of the building is that they've taken all of the normally-hidden-inside pipes/vents/air ducts etc. and colourfully arranged them on the outside, with the building picking up a few architecture awards along the way.

Centre Pompidou, Paris
Centre Pompidou, ParisStreet musician outside Centre Pompidou, Paris

There was a lot of really cool modern art inside the huge building but unfortunately we didn't have a whole lot of time to spend there. Definitely one to come back to!

Exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris
Exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris
Exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris

One particular thing that struck me was this beautiful letter. Packed with emotion, so raw, so heartbreaking. Agata, Julia & I stood there for a long time reading it over and over (maybe, just maybe, trying not to cry).

Exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris

Fri 1:30 a.m. - You're a phone number by a photo I have listed in my head. You're a destination for me like a dream sat down next to me. A fragment on this page. Cut off from, and lost at the end of the line. Looking for the right words to reach between here and you. I'm a row of empty seats filled with strangers crowding my head with their careful forecasts and concerns. A smile from you would drive them away, or, one of those falls you sometimes take into my eyes. That would be enough. You asked me once if I believed in love at first sight. Did I ever find a way to answer you? My fucking typewriter is blinking green on line again. My confession is last night I kissed the envelope with your letter and photo. 

Sky-high lookout at the top of Centre Pompidou, Paris

After catching a pretty sweet view from the top-floor lookout, we left Centre Pompidou and walked through Le Marais, an alternative, hip part of Paris. Think East London or the like.

While wandering, we came across this little beaut of a car. I can totally see myself driving around Paris in this Mini Cooper, hair flying in the wind, attractive Frenchman in the passenger seat... Can't you?

Mini Cooper, Paris
Gorgeous garden, Paris
Gorgeous building, Paris

It seemed to be a day for cute cars! This one was found in the courtyard of Merci, an incredibly eclectic store/café/restaurant mix.

Merci, Paris
Merci, Paris

Whether you're seeking inspiration for home decoration, looking for a quirky present or some gorgeous new clothes - this is your place. It's basically filled with everything you never knew you needed, as my Grandma says.

Merci, Paris
Merci, Paris
Merci, Paris

Our last stop for the morning was some great specialty coffee from Boot Café.
A tiny little cubby with only a few tables to sit, some glorious-looking baking on the countertop & a very handsome barista usually equals a successful little café.

This is no exception.

Boot Café, Paris
Boot Café, Paris
Two cortados from Boot Café, Paris
Boot Café, Paris

Ahhhh, I feel so happy after reliving the first part of this day through writing this post.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed creating it! The second half of the day will be posted on Thursday (or perhaps tomorrow if I can't wait any longer).

All photos + more are up on my Flickr which you can find by clicking here.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. nice photos with absolutely horrible commentary

    1. Cute, at least you found one nice thing to say! Big day for you :)