Thursday, 23 April 2015

Eating my way through Granada


Hello, how do you do?

I am back with a predominantly foodie post (you know me!) from my Easter holiday in Granada, Spain.
Let me tell you, we did a lot of eating. There will be more food featured in Granada blog posts to come, but I thought I'd combine two of the days we didn't do much more than eat and share with you what we feasted on!


It was Sunday. We had all had a full-on, busy day on Saturday - we were all pretty shattered.
So what better than spending the day sun-bathing, reading and eating an AWESOME FONDUE?!

It was really quite impressive; there was chicken, there was beef, there were sausages. 
There was salad, there was broccoli, there was bread. 
There were four different sauces. There were even pigs in a blanket!


All of this for only four people seemed like quite the challenge (although I am always up for an eating-related challenge), but as I bit into my seventh piece of chicken, I realised we could & would happily eat our way through it.


That was, until dessert...


... a delectable gooey chocolate & walnut brownie. 
I wish I had savoured it a bit more but it just tasted SO GOOD, so in true Ellora-spirit, I devoured the whole thing before I knew what had happened.

A beautiful sunset ended our perfectly lazy Sunday.



The next day, we got up bright & early to go into the city centre for some children's clothes shopping - my favourite!


Along the way, we came across a church which had opened it's doors to the public so that anybody could view their pasos (floats) for the procession taking place that afternoon. My next post will be all about processions so more about that later, but it was very cool to see these so up close and personal!


Katie was evidently pretty excited at the thought of lunch...


... so we marched on to a lovely Italian restaurant in the heart of Granada called "Il Gondoliere".
The menu boasts 66 pizza flavours, as well as a bunch of other Italian food - some old favourites and some more experimental dishes.


Because everyone wants to sit in a throne while eating their lunch, right?


I must've looked a bit strange going into the toilets with my camera, but I just had to show you guys their rather over the top bathrooms.



"I'm so fancyyyyy, you already knoooow.."


A little ridiculous but a lot awesome.
I returned to my seat just in time for none other than my favourite meal - dessert!


A crêpe with nearly an entire supermarket aisle of toppings and a mousse cake with molten chocolate dripping down the sides awaited us...


... and was gone as fast as it had come.


To wash it all down (I know, I know - these meals never end!), we had my personal favourite shot of alcohol from Il Gondoliere
I can't remember exactly what the name in Spanish was, but it's pretty similar to Bailey's, just not quite as heavy and topped with sprinklings of cinnamon.

To die for.


And that brings us to the end of this foodie post! I hope you have enjoyed drooling over what I ate (I certainly have enjoyed reliving it), as I mentioned earlier, my next post will be all about the amazing traditions & celebrations during the week of Easter in Granada.

Here's a sneaky peak:


Kinda on the creepy side, but pretty badass nonetheless. Keep an eye out for that post this weekend!
You can also check out more of my holiday snaps here - I'll be uploading more with each blog post.

Until then, have a lovely Thursday night,

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