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AFF: Wellcome Collection's "Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime" exhibition

Forensics exhibition at Wellcome Collection, London

Into the dining room I call: Miss Scarlett and the candlestick…

If you’re a little obsessed with Cluedo, Criminal Minds or any other crime scene-y thing like I am, I have something I think you may enjoy!
Wellcome Collection is currently the home to a new exhibition called “Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime”.

I have not stopped talking about this since I went last Friday. Every person I have been around has heard me going on about how amazing it is, so that must be a good sign right?! I mean, if you’re not into what goes on at a crime scene and all of the stages after that, then maybe you should look elsewhere (you could try their Institute of Sexology exhibition), but I know there are plenty of people like me with a morbid fascination for this kind of thing.

As all good things do, our day started off with a quick coffee at TAP on Tottenham Court Road.

TAP, Tottenham Court Road, London
Latte and Piccolo from TAP, London

And then we were off - as quickly as we had arrived - to go and fulfill our inner serial-killer-esque curiosities.
Check out the cool interior of the museum!

Wellcome Collection, London
Wellcome Collection, London

The exhibition was split into multiple rooms, each playing out the different part of the process.

Forensics exhibition at Wellcome Collection, London

Room 1 was the Scene of the Crime, which displayed a scene of the crime officer’s briefcase, the camera used to photograph one of Jack the Ripper’s victims and some awesome dolls house-style mini crime scenes that are used to train crime scene officers. It also had a whole bunch of cool and creepy videos, including one about using maggots on a dead body to determine the time of death. Very interesting but certainly not for the faint hearted..

Forensics exhibition at Wellcome Collection, London

Room 2 was The Morgue, which was focused on what goes on during autopsies and the like. It showcased a post-mortem table from 1925, a preserved dissection of a human brain with a bullet going through it and numerous videos about forensics in the morgue. A memorable part of this room was the corner with a seat and two sets of headphones. Seemingly innocent, until you put them on and a recording of an actual autopsy in Mexico starts to play.
Like I said, not for the faint hearted!

To be honest, I fond these first two rooms the most interesting and captivating, so I’ll just give you a quick recap of the rest. I highly encourage you to go and be the judge of that yourself though!

Forensics exhibition at Wellcome Collection, London
Forensics exhibition at Wellcome Collection, London

Room 3, The Laboratory, brought the science of fingerprinting and DNA samples, while Room 4, The Search highlighted how various techniques can be used to expose evidence and piece together parts of a missing persons case.

Forensics exhibition at Wellcome Collection, London

The final room was The Courtroom, which explored famous trials in history and the process that each case has to go through in the court proceedings.

Forensics exhibition at Wellcome Collection, London

Right at the end was a unique and clever little photography display of wrongly convicted people who had served time for their (non) crimes, before being found innocent at a later stage.
The photographer put these individuals in the original scene of the crime that they did not commit and photographed them there. A very cool concept!

I would highly, highly, highly recommend anyone and everyone to go along to this exhibition – it’s around until 21 June so you still have time!
My only advice would be to go during the week (if possible), as there are plenty of super interesting videos to watch, but only two sets of headphones for each so there is the potential for a lot of queuing.

Just before we left the museum, we went up to the second floor to check out the “Reading Room”. I am going to do a whole separate post on this at some point because it is so freaking cool, but here’s a little taster for you:

The Reading Room at Wellcome Collection, London

It's incredible. Just you wait...

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