Friday, 20 February 2015

Breakfast at Tom's

Hello my lovely readers!

As mentioned in my last Art Freak Friday post, I went for a scrumptious breakfast at Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea last Friday.
Located in the quaint surroundings of Cale Street, Tom’s Kitchen is a characteristic restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to “stylish clientele” (ooh la la – their words, not mine). The cool thing is they take bookings, which I’ve found is rare for breakfast/brunch time in London.
In saying that, we didn't actually book, hah. But I would assume on the weekend you'd want to to be sure you get a table!

Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

Asta, Agata and I arrived and dived straight into the impossible-to-choose-from menu. They have something for everyone and you know that everything’s gonna be damn good. The pancake/waffle/French toast section particularly caught my eye, boasting a brioche French toast, a crisp Belgian waffle and a blueberry pancake.

Breakfast at Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

I wasn’t quite up for having a whole one to myself though, so we all ordered our own breakfasts (berry Bircher muesli for me and bacon & eggs for Asta & Agata), and then got the brioche French toast with caramelised apples and cinnamon cream for the table. That’s the way to do it right?

Brioche french toast at Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea
Brioche french toast at Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

Let me tell you – it was absolutely to die for. No, better than that. It was the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, beautifully creamy and just everything good in this world.

Bircher muesli at Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea
Eggs and bacon at Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

As the morning went on, the more full the restaurant got (and so did our tummies). We then trotted off through South Kensington to the Serpentine Gallery for some serious-art-exhibition attending.

Dip dye pink/purple hair
The gorgeous Asta

I felt I must include some pictures of Asta’s amazing hair – especially as I just helped her re-dye the ends again the other day! I don’t think many people can rock a bright colour, but she does. Mad props to Asta. *claps*

That is all for now my friends, I will be in Bonn, Germany by the time this post is up soooo lots of exciting posts for you coming up!
Have a lovely weekend,

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