Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bonn, Germany - lunch with a view, boat trip & exploring the city centre

Late afternoon on the River Rhine, Bonn

Hallo, wie gehts?

It’s time for part 2 of my weekend trip to Bonn!

Saturday morning rolled around and the beautiful sun, teamed with clear blue skies, graced us with their presence – perfect for what we had in store for the day!

Gorgeous clear day!

After a lazy morning drinking coffee and nibbling on biscotti over family stories and the like, we set off to the river Rhine.

First stop, naturally, was lunch!

Bastei restaurant on the Rhine, Bonn
Bastei restaurant on the Rhine, Bonn

We went to a gorgeous spot called Bastei. The restaurant sits right on the Rhine, boasting huge glass windows so that everyone dining there can admire the river from the comfort of their tables.

Bastei restaurant on the Rhine, Bonn
My beautiful sister, Katarina, at lunch in Bastei, Bonn

As always, I managed to convince somebody to share two meals with me (this time the victim was Katarina, mwahaha), so that we could both try two different things! Everything on the menu sounded amazing - it was really hard to decide - but we ended up settling for a mango-chicken salad and spinach dumplings with mushrooms, walnuts and tomato ragout.

Mango chicken salad at Bastei, Bonn
Spinach dumplings with mushrooms at Bastei, Bonn
Sisterly bliss in Bastei, Bonn

Devouring the food and wine left us all feeling rather lethargic, so we set off on a mini boat trip across to the other side of the river.

Jaki managed to convince the boys that the other side of the river was France so they were uber-excited about visiting TWO new countries in one weekend!?
So cute.

Climbing onto the boat to cross the Rhine, Bonn
The whole Euro-Virtue crew on the boat crossing the Rhine, Bonn

The ‘other side’ (France, obviously) greeted us with cute cobble stone streets, lots of green grass and a riverbank perfect for jumping across rocks.

The 'other side' of the River Rhine, Bonn
Cute little alley streets, Bonn
Exploring the river bank, Bonn
Rocks rock, Bonn

And pigeons. Lots of pigeons.

Pigeons on the river bank, Bonn

Our afternoon ended with catching the boat back and wandering along that side of the river, admiring the very large and somewhat eclectic mix of houses that sit along the water.

A huge old house on the river Rhine, Bonn
Late afternoon peace across the Rhine, Bonn

The next morning was another beauty so off we went into the city centre of Bonn to meet the others for brunch!

Another beautiful day ahead in Bonn!

After spotting a few cool memorials and sculptures on the way, we ended up at a funky cafĂ© called Roses. We had a brunch buffet of all the yummy traditional German breakfast foods – a variety of breads, cold cut meats, cheeses, various spreads, as well as a more English-y influence creeping in with bacon, sausages and eggs.

Memorial pillar (I think) in the centre of Bonn, Germany
A sculpture in the centre of Bonn, Germany
Traditional German breakfast at Roses in Bonn, Germany

As we had to leave Bonn for our flight back to London at around 3pm, we only had a few hours left and decided to spend it exploring the inner city. We came across the cathedral (complete with the heads of decapitated sculptures), a random piece of old castle and some of the main shopping streets and squares – although everything was closed as it was Sunday.

Decapitated statues in Bonn, Germany
Erl & Wil outside the cathedral in Bonn, Germany
Cathedral in Bonn, Germany
Statue of Beethoven in Bonn, Germany
A piece of an old castle in the city centre of Bonn, Germany
Gorgeous architecture in the centre of Bonn, Germany
Auntie & nieces reunited in Bonn, Germany
One of the main shopping streets in Bonn, Germany

A final stop on our whirlwind tour was Beethoven’s birthplace.

Beethoven's birthplace in Bonn, Germany
A cheeky little graffiti of the great Beethoven himself outside his birth place in Bonn, Germany
Beethoven's birthplace in Bonn, Germany

Unfortuantely the end to our weekend getaway had come and it was time to go to the airport. But not before a relaxing drive through the forest just above my auntie’s place!

A drive through the forest to finish off our lovely weekend in Bonn, Germany

Thanks so much to my lovely Auntie Melanie for having us all and showing us Bonn. Can’t wait to come and visit again sometime! :)

Much love,

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