Monday, 2 February 2015

AFF #4: Agata

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Hi and welcome to all of my new readers!

I’ve had a whole lot of you since my “5 apps I couldn’t survive London without” post which is awesome as people seemed to really like that, so I’ll definitely be doing more posts that are similar – keep a look out in the next month or so.

Agata Chudziak 1
Close-up of Marshall amp

This week for Art Freak Friday, I took a bit of a different route to the usual “go-to-a-gallery” type thing and went along to my dear friend Agata’s last rehearsal before her first big audition for a music school in Bristol!

Studio vibes
Agata 13
Agata 14
Close-up of lead plugged into amp
Agata Chudziak 6

It was really cool to be able to hear all of her songs in the studio and help her make the final decision of which ones to perform the following day. Naturally, my trusty camera came along and I snapped away happily while she sung her talented little heart out.

Close-up of microphone
Agata Chudziak 2
Marshall amps
Agata Chudziak 9

She’s auditioning for a few different schools so this was only the first, but the first is always the hardest right? Anyway, I can proudly report that she smashed her audition and got a ’recommendation’ straight away, which means they want her to attend the school.

Agata Chudziak 3
Close-up of sound board
Agata Chudziak 10

Here's a video of one of her original songs "Misery Company" from her YouTube channel.

You should definitely all check out her videos and show her lots of love.
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You can find her on the following social media sites…

I hope you all had a lovely week and weekend, I’ve got some exciting things planned for this week so watch this space!

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