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Christkindlmarkt in Linz

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So you guys may notice something different today.. I completely redesigned my blog, woohoo! I thought I'd try to change things up as it's a new year so here we are - I really hope you guys like it.

Today’s post is about a traditional Christkindlmarkt (otherwise known as a Christmas market) I visited in Linz, Austria. To put it simply, it’s a Christmassy street market that runs in the month of December every year. They date way back to 1294 and can mostly be found in the center of cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and some parts of France and Italy. It’s a truly magical place, which doesn’t really compare to the try-hard ones they have here in London.. But at least they try right?

Unfortunately I only got to visit an Austrian Christkindlmarkt once this year as I didn’t have that long in Austria before they all shut. It’s an incredibly social place where groups often meet to chat and drink, as I did with all of my family when I went.
My favourite thing to drink at a Christkindlmarkt is called “Hei├če Liebe” (“hot love” in English), which is a warm concoction of white wine punch, vodka and raspberries. YUM.

Apricot Krapfen, a doughnut like pastry with apricot sauce on the top.

There are a ton of different things to drink, eat and buy. You can find some of the best bratwurst, caramelised almonds and Krapfen (similar to a doughnut, pictured above) at a Christkindlmarkt, as well as a whole lot of hand made jewellery and decorations to throw your money at.
After the Christmas market, we went for a wander into Altstadt (the old part of Linz). It’s really gorgeous with cobblestone streets and grand old buildings.

If you’re ever in a city at Christmas time that has a Christkindlmarkt, I strongly advise you go - even if it’s just to stroll around the stalls and do a wee bit of window-shopping! They are definitely one of my favourite parts of an Austrian Christmas. I can’t wait for next year!

Hope you’re all having a glorious start to the new year.
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