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AFF #1: "Worry Will Vanish" exhibition & photography class

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Hello my friends,

So I’ve decided to do a thing. An arty thing. I present to you: “Art Freak Fridays”.
As one of my New Years resolutions, I am going to try my very best to do something art-related every week on a Friday. Whether it’s going to a gallery, checking out a new exhibition, taking a class or even just getting out and taking photos – it’s going to happen. And of course, I will be posting it here to share with all of you!

Yesterday was a fantastic start to this new project. It all started off with a coffee from Mother’s Milk (okay not so arty, but essential nonetheless). Agata and I then made our way down Regent Street to the Hauser & Wirth gallery where the current exhibition was “Worry Will Vanish” by Pipilotti Rist. I read about this on Time Out over the Christmas break and it sounded incredible so I made a point of getting there before it finishes on the 10th January.

“Worry Will Vanish” is a projection-based exhibition in which you are fully immersed into a sensory heaven. You take your shoes off prior to entering and then tiptoe into the gallery - where people are sprawled across countless giant white pillows on the floor, hypnotised by the huge projections and tranquil music that makes up the work of art. The music is a relaxed composition of interesting sounds, syncing perfectly with the feelings the videos cause the viewer to experience. Pipilotti Rist collaborated with fellow artist and musician Anders Guggisberg. The video projections are mostly a mix of images of nature and the human body, inside and out. The press release states “she explores the relationship between internal and external, how individuals are linked to the tissues and blood vessels of other organisms, and in so doing, she suggested relationships with the universe at large.”
You can check out more of Pipilotti Rist’s work here.

Worry Will Vanish art exhibition by Pipilotti Rist
Worry Will Vanish art exhibition by Pipilotti Rist

As well as the large projection room, her exhibition featured a few other smaller pieces. The one that really interested me was called “Gigantic Pear Log”, which was a wooden log standing vertically upright. Covering the integrated projector was a glass bubble, creating a really cool fish-eye effect over the video being played.

Worry Will Vanish art exhibition by Pipilotti Rist

After finishing at the gallery and feeling awfully sleepy and relaxed (despite the caffeine hit only an hour previously!), Agata and I meandered through to Carnaby Street with no particular purpose. We happened to stumble across the coolest little courtyard called Kingly Court, which has 3 storeys of restaurants, bars, boutiques and even a yoga centre. It’s super funky and well designed, so most definitely worth checking out if you’re in that area – I know I’m bound to go back soon! We sat down at Moosh for some fresh fruit smoothies to regain our energy. I chose “Number 5”, which was a wicked combination of mango, pineapple, raspberry, coconut and yoghurt. Mmmmmm.

Kingly Court, Carnaby Street
Moosh Smoothie shop in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street
Menu at Moosh Smoothie shop in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street
Enjoying a smoothie at Moosh Smoothie shop in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street
Smoothies and a pineapple at Moosh Smoothie shop in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street
Smoothie time at Moosh Smoothie shop in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street
Kingly Court, Carnaby Street

Later on that afternoon, I attended a photography class held by adult education college City Lit. I had read about their “cheap art classes” on my daily what’s on email from The Londonist and decided to go along as it sounded really interesting! And let me tell you, I am so glad I did. I learnt so much in those two hours and I’m feeling really motivated to take one of their photography courses to further my love of the art. The class was lead by Eddy Gregory, who taught with patience and enthusiasm. The class consisted of around ten of us, from all different walks of life, which made for a really interesting group. I had a fantastic time and I feel inspired. From the one class I attended, I would highly recommend City Lit if you’re looking to further your education in any field in London. I will let you know more about it if I decide to enrol in one of their courses!

Photography class at City Lit, London

Phew, today’s post was a biggie full of lots of juicy information! I really do hope you enjoyed it though, and I’m feeling super excited about my new project, Art Freak Fridays.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

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