Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Day of Cake

Hey friends :)

I just wanted to make a quick birthday post as I had such a lovely day and wanted to share it with you all!
I turned 19 last Tuesday (one more year until 20 – how did that happen?!) and spent my day mostly eating. What more could you wish for?
Sorry most of the photos are quite bad quality - I only had my phone and it didn't live up to the challenge :(
I always find birthdays a bit weird because there’s this big build up and then the day comes around and goes by so fast in a blur (not to mention the awkward what-do-you-even-do-when-people-are-singing-happy-birthday-to-you dilemma) and then it’s over for another year. Alas, here is a probably overly detailed account of my day:

Unfortunately I had to work on my birthday but my host family surprised me with presents and cake in the morning which was super nice. They’re just the cutest <3

I then sashayed (hah, not quite, but it felt like it) my way over to Agata’s house where her and Emma were waiting for me with delicious Malteser filled birthday cupcakes! Yeah, it was only 9:30am and I already had enough cake to last a family for a week..

For my birthday breakfast, I really wanted to try a cafĂ© called The Breakfast Club, which has an old school American diner theme going on. The food was incredible, as was the strawberry, apple and mango (aptly named “Mango Go”) smoothie that accompanied our breakfasts.
(Just by the way - I did not eat two whole breakfasts, Agata and I shared..)

It was such a gorgeous day too. Crazy for mid-November in London – I must say I was expecting it to be very different. Not complaining at all though, it felt like a New Zealand birthday with the blue skies!

Pretty much the rest of the day was spent working, until one of my favourite people Nadene came and picked me up to go out for dinner at a “Indochinese” restaurant in Soho called Banana Tree.

The food was really, really yum and they had so many unique and interesting sounding options on the menu – I’ll be sure to go back so I can try it all!

The night was still young when we finished dinner so we decided to make our way to Centre Point tower to have a birthday cocktail in a bar called Paramount.

My hot date ;)
The bar was super fancy and a bit swanky – just the way we like ‘em! Nadene sweet-talked her way in without a booking (all hail - she’s a queen when it comes to that stuff) so we got a table with a gorgeous 270-degree view of central London. Ahhhh can’t beat it!

So that was my day! A lot of cake (birthday cake has no calories, right?), a lot of food in general and a lot of lovely memories made. I’m so, so lucky to have found such great friends in this huge city already. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and especially to those who made my day the special day it was :)

PS – I got home from breakfast to find a collect card from Mr. Post Man and it turned out my darling mum and her partner, Chris, had sent me a cute as birthday care package. Eternally grateful for my merino socks and proper New Zealand Marmite <3 <3


  1. One of your favourite people?! That made my day bae xxoo