Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Exploring England - Brighton

Hey everyone!

So following on from last week’s post, the second part of my trip was to the lovely city of Brighton. Roanna had to return to Ipswich so it was just Hanna and I, on a train, with way too much luggage, heading for a 12-bed dorm at a hostel in central Brighton.

I had kind of high expectations when it comes to Brighton as I’d heard a lot about it and it was at the top of my “must-visit” places in the UK. Naturally, I was very excited to see what all the fuss was about. The city is super funky, with lots of cool arty and music events happening frequently. I’m thinking this might be a super cool place to study?! Hmmmm..

So yeah, Brighton rocks (hah, get it?). Also, I want to recommend the hostel we stayed at called Smart Brighton Beach. It’s a fairly well priced hostel in a superb location, with all of the things you need such as 24/7 free wifi, access to a kitchen with cooking equipment, bedding included and free secure luggage storage. The staff were really friendly and helpful, and the hostel itself was only 1 block from the waterfront and surrounded by clubs and bars – so nice to go out and know that you don’t have far to get “home”!

I can’t wait to go and visit Brighton again – although perhaps I'll go when it’s a little bit warmer..


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