Saturday, 11 October 2014

London Fashion Week escapades


So at the beginning of September, right after I arrived in London, a very big and exciting event took place. I present to you: my edition of how to get into London Fashion Week.

Before I tell my story, let’s take a quick look into how London Fashion Week came to be what it is today..

It all started in a car park in West London in 1984, where catwalks and exhibitions were held. The event continued until 1992 when there was a recession, so only a small handful of designers were chosen to display their collections in rooms at The Ritz.
The following year, London Fashion Week recovered and came to life once again. A particularly memorable event from 1993 was Naomi Campbell walking topless down the catwalk for the Philip Treacy collection.
Ever since then, London Fashion Week has been a highly regarded event in the fashion world, ranking alongside Paris, New York and Milan as one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks. It occurs in February and September every year, run by the BFC (British Fashion Council).

One really cool thing about LFW is that the main events are held at Somerset House, which has a large courtyard with many things like exhibitions, shops, salons etc. open to the public. That’s right - normal people like me and you!!
I went with the lovely Nadene, whose friend, Viktoria (check out her Instagram here!), was modelling in a presentation for Uma Kangai. A presentation is another way that designers showcase their collection to the guests. Unlike runway, there is no catwalk, which allows for a more creative scene to be set.

The room in which the presentation was held.
This particular presentation was held at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in a gorgeous room. From what I observed, the presentation was a lot more intense and personal as there aren’t as many people as at a runway show, and everybody was standing. There was no particular start and stop time, just a two-hour time frame in which they did the presentation three times. Presentations seem to be more popular for emerging designers, as they are able to show their upcoming collections in a creative, fun way on a smaller budget.

Nadene looking fabulous pre-presentation.
We didn’t actually have tickets for the presentation, but winged our way in, saying a friend was modelling and we came to support her and could we pretty please attend if there was space *flutters eyelashes*. After about 6 times being sent away and told to come back in 10/15/20 minutes (not going to lie, we nearly gave up), we finally made it in! SUCCESS.

It was an absolutely gorgeous collection and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of it all. Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a gift bag! Ours contained a drink, nail polish, some sort of skin cream in a cute bag, a magazine and information about the collection.
After the presentation, we made our way back to Somerset House to soak in the cool vibes there. We were lucky enough to catch the live stream of David Koma’s runway show, streamed outside the building.

In Spring 2010, LFW became the first major fashion week to offer designers the option to live stream their catwalk shows to the world on their official website, as well as being projected outside the venue.
I think it’s a really cool idea as it means us “common folk” not only get to watch the show, but also experience the atmosphere in the place where it’s all happening!

All in all, London Fashion Week is a whirlwind of wackily dressed fashion bloggers, elite designers, celebrities, crazy photographers and flustered interns – AND I LOVED IT. It was an absolute dream for me to attend London Fashion Week, and I most definitely intend on sneaking my way in again in February :)

That’s all for now!
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