Friday, 8 August 2014

12 hours in Dubai

Hellooooooo my friends!

Today I invite you to come with me back to the beginning of my adventure – all the way to Dubai!
When I was booking my flights to come to Europe, I had two options: a three-hour stopover in Dubai – enough time to lazily wander around airport shops in a jetlagged haze and have a coffee or five – or a 12-hour stopover – enough time to have an epic adventure. Needless to say, I chose the latter.

After three pork sliders (YUM), two double-shot lattes and an episode of Breaking Bad in Auckland International airport, I was en route to Dubai.

During my flight, I got a lovely surprise – my mum had sneakily ordered me a “Bon Voyage” cake for the plane trip! This came with a seemingly endless supply of complimentary champagne (ahem - not real champagne, up your game please Emirates) that kept me fuzzy the whole flight.

(Side note: sorry, a lot of the photos in this post are Snapchat screenshots. Not sure why I didn’t take many photos with my camera, I blame jet lag!)

The plan was to find a place to leave my carry on baggage, jump on the metro and head to the Dubai Mall (world’s largest). I had done a fair bit of research beforehand and found out the Dubai Mall has a huge aquarium (world’s largest acrylic panel), an indoor ski field and ice rink, a souk, a small theme park, world’s largest choreographed fountain display once an hour, access to the Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building) PLUS all of the normal stuff a mall has. (That has to be the most times I have ever written “world’s largest” in one paragraph).
You can probably guess why I chose my precious 12 hours at the mall - Dubai certainly doesn’t do things half-heartedly!

After sitting in an empty mall and skyping my parents to fill in time (I arrived at the mall at 7am), it was finally time to go up the tallest existing manmade structure.
I was so excited to go up the Burj Khalifa because I have a thing about great views and this was going to be one of the best in the world! After a long, anticipatory elevator ride, I arrived on the 124th floor.

To my utter, utter (utter x10) disappointment, WE WERE IN A CLOUD AND I COULDN’T SEE ANYTHING (I’m still a little bitter as you may be able to tell). I waited on the lookout platform in the freezing cold wind for about 1 ½ hours before giving up and going back down. Still a cool experience, but not quite what I had hoped for!

Alas, my mood had not been ruined and I went on to have a fantastic day exploring the many available activities in the Dubai Mall. I did a bit of shopping, got my nails done, drank a lot of coffee and watched the fish in the aquarium for a long time. Everything was so over the top, glamorous and just plain fabulous.

I most definitely hope to return to Dubai for longer than 12 hours in the future (and hopefully have a successful Burj Khalifa take two), but as far as stopovers go, this has got to be the one of the best!

Thank you for reading; I really hope you enjoyed this post!

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